About Us

We are entrepreneurial private investors in two sectors:

  • Majority holdings in leading medium-sized companies within the German speaking area (D-A-CH-Region)

    Medium-sized companies are the backbone of Europe‘s industry, especially in the D-A-CH-Region. Many of these companies combine a high-quality product- and service range with a flexible targeted approach vis-a-vis their customers world wide; their employees are often highly motivated and dedicated to their tasks. Based on our comprehensive experience in managing such companies we are well positioned to further develop these businesses.
  • Development and operation of geothermal power plants

    The potential of terrestrial heat is often underestimated.Theoretically terrestrial heat has the potential to provide up to appr. 50 % of the German electricity needs. It is an inexhaustible domestic source of power without CO2 emissions.
    Further advantages are low surface space requirements and the provision of base load power. In Germany there will be up to 100 geothermal power plants in the next 20 years – a few of which we intend to drill, construct and operate.
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