Geothermische Kraftwerksgesellschaft Traunreut mbH

With an investment of around € 80 millions our first power plant was built in the years 2012-2015

Traunreut is a hydrothermal well tapping into the Bavarian Malm aquiver.

The drilling was completed in April 2013. The thermal capacity of this geothermal source is about 40 MW(th).

The district heating station was completed in January 2014. The supply for the community district heating system started in February 2014 and supplies up to12 MW(th), therefore providing heat for approximately 2000 households and companies in Traunreut.

In 2014 and 2015 an electrical power plant was built. The power plant has a capacity of about 5.5 MW(el) – enough electricity to supply approximately 10.000 homes.

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