Petra Wibbe

Dr. Petra Wibbe has been working as an independent lawyer with a special emphasis on corporate law since 1989. As company lawyer for both IMM Industrie Management München GmbH and TA Triumph Adler AG as well as their respective group companies she has been responsible for the legal aspects of acquiring and managing of 70 acquisitions in small to medium-sized businesses. Dr. Wibbe served on the supervisory board of various corporations (Articon Integralis AG, Zapf Creation AG, Messer Griesheim GmbH) as well as on the supervisory board of the TA Triumph Adler AG (1994 to 2003). In the years 1987 to 1989 Dr. Petra Wibbe worked for the Bavarian cartel authorties at the Bavarian Ministry of Economics. She holds a PhD in law (University of Munich 1981), was admitted to the Munich bar in 1982, holds an LLM from Northwestern University Chicago (1985) and was admitted to the bar in New York (NY, USA) in 1985.

Dr. Petra Wibbe is legal adviser of Grünwald Equity.



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